A rights agency says the Mexican police executed 22 at ranch and then fabricated the story. Does Mexico regularly abuse human rights?

  • yes, according to amensty international more than 27,000 people remained missing or disappeared

    Torture and other ill-treatment remained widespread among law enforcement and mexico and government don't seem to engage resources to eradicate it. In 2014, federal attorney general’s office did not investigate any military officers or others with command responsibility who failed to prevent or stop police incident. The situation needs to be changed in Mexico.

  • Yes, Mexico, in recent years, has had a troubling time upholding human rights.

    In recent years, the widespread violence in Mexico is threatening the country's human rights record as they are becoming more likely to face corruption from police and government agencies. This most recent story about the execution of their citizens is one in a long string of stories of unwarranted violence against Mexican citizens.

  • Yes, they do.

    Police and other government officials, under the guise of fighting a war against drugs and sometimes simply because of widespread corruption participate in atrocities like this at an alarming rate. I have heard countless stories and even witnessed things first hand. This does not mean that Mexico is too dangerous for everyone, however.

  • No. There is no proof of this incident.

    This author is skeptical regarding the reality of this incident. Citizens can be very gullible and when they believe what they have heard it can have devastating effects. This would be a premiere example as there is no proof other than what "a" rights agency has said and could have rather nasty retaliation towards the officers.

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