A Rome, N.Y. police officer whose son died after being left in a car for a day will not face any criminal charges. Should he face jail time?

  • Yes, this police officer should face jail time.

    The police officer who left his son in a car and eventually died should face criminal charges and jail time. Leaving a child in a car is a form of child neglect. Furthermore, the officer left his son in the car for an entire day. The police officer should face charges and prison time for child neglect like many other parents would.

  • Yes, he should face jail time

    PEOPLE SHOULD NOT LEAVE ANYONE OR ANYTHING IN CARS ALONE! There should be jail time involved for this man because he alone is responsible for the death of his son. There is never any reason good enough to leave any living thing in a car. Ever. Not even if you're running into the grocery store for five minutes.

  • New York police officer should be jailed

    A police officer in Rome, New York, did not receive criminal charges even though he had left his son in his car for a day, after which his son died. This is an outrage. The police officer should definitely face jail time because of gross negligence that resulted in a death.

  • The death penalty is justified

    The death penalty is absolutely justified, and anyone that disagrees has never had a family member murdered. If an eye for an eye is good enough for the Bible then it is good enough for me. Justice is not sitting in a jail cell getting free cable and three squares a day. Do the crime? Expect to pay the price.

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