A Russian journalist critical of Vladimir Putin was found dead on his birthday with gunshot wound to his head. Is Putin responsible?

  • Putin is responsible for a journalists death

    Vladimir Putin is no doubt responsible for the death of a Russian journalist that was critical of him. Putin is known to be ruthless, and his background as a former KGB agent bears this out. It is also in-line with his personality to punish dissenters, as Russia has become more closed since he has taken over.

  • I would bet on it

    Although the world will never know for sure if Putin is responsible for this murder, the effect is certainly chilling regardless. I imagine that the dead bodies that surround Putin aren't just a coincidence. This makes it a risky proposition to speak out against him, which I am sure is the entire point.

  • Yes, it is likely that Putin had a part in the assassination.

    Yes, Putin has a track record of silencing critics through any means necessary, from imprisonment on trumped-up charges to mafia-style executions. Any one case is hard to judge without proper forensic investigation of course. But in a case like this, we see strong motivation coupled with old-school KGB scare tactics of making an example of a dissenter, putting Putin down as a very likely instigator.

  • No, I do not thinking Putin is responsible.

    While there may be some indirect influence on the killing, to speculate about the nature of this crime--whether it was a "hit job" or not--is not something I feel comfortable doing. The only certain thing I can state is that the person who shot this Russian journalist is responsible for their crime, and they should be adequately punished for that crime.

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