A Saturday Night Live star called Ann Coulter a racist. Is she just merely ignorant?

  • No, Ann Coulter is not ignorant

    An ignorant person is one who is not educated or informed and Ann Coulter is a syndicated columnist and a lawyer, so she is not ignorant. She is, in fact, opinionated and many times she is on the wrong side the issues as she tries to push her conservative viewpoints. She offends many people with her political, outspoken critical views.

  • Racism Is Not Always Due to Ignorance

    Racism can be the result of different causes; in some cases ignorance is the reason. The person may not know enough about the subject group and may have no knowledge of it s accomplishments or moral standards for instance. In other cases, the person may know about the race but may consider him- or herself superior because of cultural imperialism, acts committed against the person by a member of that race that negatively color the person';s opinion, or simply because of fear of losing one's prominence.

  • She klnows what she is doing

    Ann Coulter fans the flames of bigotry to sell more books and line her pockets. She is also a hypocrite because she does this while spewing hate and stereotypes but at the same time dates black men. She is not ignorant at all. She has become very wealthy manipulating the public.

  • No, she's racist too, if that gets headlines

    Ann Coulter is whatever you need her to be. She's basically a political parasite that has to latch onto SOMETHING to be angry about. Without a suitable host, she's just yelling and nobody's paying attention. If Ann Coulter needs to be racist to stay relevant, she will be racist. If she needs to be sexist, she'll be sexist. As long as people are talking about her, she's happy.

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