• Dress codes are good

    Dress codes are good, cause they can cause a distraction but we should to able to have a bit of freedom to wear whatever we want. There also good cause, if a student wears a spaghetti straps it cause a distraction to the boys. So, that's why dress is good

  • It has been proven that students who follow a stricter dress code have improved attention in class, participation in class and classroom attendance.

    A school dress code is needed for several reasons.
    1. Less distractions.
    2. Students attend school to learn.
    3. Reinforces positive attitudes.
    4. It has been proven that students who dress in uniforms or follow a stricter dress code
    have improved attention in class, participation in class and classroom attendance.

  • I think dress codes are good idea.

    Dress codes are good because some students are definitely showing off more than they should. You can show off your own style outside of school with your friends. It is distracting if your are over here wearing short shorts and you can see stuff. But if you want to wear stuff like that then do it outside of school and don't make a big deal out of it. People are being way to dramatic. But sometimes it is crazy what kids get in trouble for. Just follow the rules, people!

  • I think having a dress code is good for students.

    Having dress codes are good because people can show their true colors and wear their own style besides wearing someone else's style. People are always dramatic about what they wear. So if people wear what they want to wear, nothing would happen. All you have to do is show you and don't let anyone get in the way.

  • I think having a dress code is good.

    Dress codes are good because people can express themselves or have their own styles without showing stuff off. I think people are way to dramatic about it. If people would just follow the rules none of this drama would happen. Just follow the rules and life will be easier for ya!

  • Dress codes are good to an extent.

    Dress codes are good because they can help prevent distractions such as short shorts, short/tight shirts, and crazy hair. Although, sometimes they can go overboard with it. You should still be able to express yourself, just do it in an appropriate manner. If you cannot see any cleavage so to speak, then it should be okay to wear. This goes for boys and girls both.


  • Dress code's are bad

    I think people should be able to wear what they want, but they shouldn't wear anything inappropriate. I don't think it is a real big deal as people think it is. The dress code can be good in a way and it can be to strict. I wouldn't care if we had one or not.

  • In moderation, it's a good idea

    If the dress code isn't TOO strict, it would be a good idea. But, if teachers are interrupting class time because a female student has holes in her jeans or her shoulders are showing, then it's stupid. It teaches students that women are sexual objects and they need to hide their bodies so they don't distract the male population

  • Not a big deal

    Many people on now seem to think that this is a uniform. It is not, just general guidelines for the students. Expressing yourself is great, but there are limits. Just as you cannot use explicit language and writing in school, you cannot break dress code. That is all I have to say.

  • Dress code is a good idea

    I think a school dress code is a good idea, students haven't think what should she/he wearing today. They cannot worry the other students will poke fun at them,because they are all wear as same as the uniforms. When the school didn't have the dress code, students maybe always care about show off their self with their friends. Student will not distracted on their academic achievement for school have a dress code is a good idea too,because student know they are wear the school uniforms it is representative their school. They will not do some negative action. This can make school have a positive image. When the parents saw the school have a dress code they will relieved. Parents maybe arrange their child reading this school too. When the school have a dress code can improved attention in class, because student will not look at the other student and think what are they wear style today. They only wear the uniforms did not have different. Student will pay attention on their class. So I think dress code is a good idea.

  • It Is Not A Good Idea

    Its Hard For Students To Dress Formally Everyday We Want Freedom. Most Schools In The USA Have No Dress Code. UNI's Have No Dress Code. AND We Are Never Going To Wear Our Uniform Outside Of School So Why Make Us Spend $80 On A School Uniform.
    Need More Words

  • Most of the time they are strict on female students.

    I feel like it is bad because it can be counter-intuitive. People will likely break the regulations with the uniform standards somehow. Most of the time, dress codes are strict when it comes to women. It kinda isn't fair. As far as a distraction, well, those are going to happen with or without a uniform. If a female student is curvy/full figured, then a polo with some slacks isn't gonna hide it. Male students need to learn look at the female student as a beautiful growing woman.. Not a sex figure. The distractions you speak of come from immaturity. I do not see how it enforces a positive attitude when most students cannot stand the sight of a school uniform.

  • Why make us spend money on a complete new wardrobe?

    I mean we have a entire wardrobe that we where everyday why make us buy more clothes? And then you say you do it to help the poor kids, but in reality you're just making them spend more money on clothes that they don't truly need, I mean so what one person has emblem on their shirt, and the other person doesn't? I don't know about when you were in school but nobody really cares about that anymore.

  • No Dress Code!

    I don't really care if we have a dress code or if we don't. It can be good and bad either way. I think we should be able to wear what we want to, but not to inappropriate. I think people make it a bigger deal than it really is.

  • Why can't we express ourselves in our clothes?

    The schools' might as well just be a fashion show because that is what has come down to with the school dress code they're taking away the way we express ourselves in our clothes and our hair, give them time, it's going to be our music next. We are there for education not fashion tips for old people.

  • I like dress codes

    They are good because they show modesty but bad because it changes a females entire wardrobe. The women should respect themselves and the people around them by respecting it. The men should also follow it by not exposing there self. It is also a distraction. I understand athletics for men to be shirtless though.

  • Dress codes are wrong

    Dress codes are wrong because people want to dress how they want to dress as long as its not inappropriate. They shouldn't have to wear hot uniforms during spring. Plus some people cant help it if they have long legs and they cant find a lot of shorts that fit without being somewhat short. C Wilbourn

  • I think dress codes goes over board.

    I support the dress code to an certain extent. I think that they focus on girls way to much. I think that the guys should also have limits too. Sometime the dress code makes it hard for people to find clothes. Mostly summer, because we have to find shorts that reach our fingertips; when some people have long arms. I just feel that sometimes they should back off the girls a little so it can be a little easier to find clothes. B.Mason.

  • Why not let us express ourselves?

    As a teenage girl, it's hard to get up in the morning and pick out a "decent" outfit to wear. I understand that girls and boys should have certain boundaries when it comes to the clothes they wear, but let us wear what we want. Wearing what teachers and principals want us to wear is not expressing yourself.

  • I think no.

    I support the dress code to an extent. I just think that if you want to wear what you want you should be able to. Clothes are Clothes either way. And with girls they like to shop so why shop and spend a lot of money on clothes if you cant wear them. What if one day you don't want to dress up? Well you cant wear athletic shorts or anything because they are not allowed but I think that if they are allowed in PE they should be allowed during school too.

    C Yates

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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-18T03:49:45.047
Yes. The sexism charge is overblown; it does not do psychological damage to a girl to make her wear a skirt (and even then, pants could very easily be an option for girls), and forcing boys to wear pants does not do psychological damage to them. Temperature is not an issue, considering that school does not typically take place in summer months.
The fundamental purpose of a dress code is to create a sense of a formal learning environment, which according to what I have observed is not a bad thing. It would also end debate over what kind of t-shirts are permissible.
The only reason that anyone would be opposed to this idea would either be that sometimes idiotic American emphasis on absolute individualism or a Liberal sense of butthurt over anything that may imply gender roles.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-18T03:51:08.370
The Government could provide students with school uniforms, which would end any questions about whether or not poor people could obtain them.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-18T03:54:55.780
Also, if students all across the country wore standard American Public School uniforms, it could help enforce a national identity and group cohesion.