A stray pit bull stepped in while a woman was being attacked. Do pit bulls get a bad rap?

  • The owners are to blame

    Dogs need to be trained to be good just because bad owners go for pit bulls doesn't mean pit bulls are bad aggression comes form the owner not the dog pit bulls are not to blame people are. People that say that pit bulls are dangerous are the reason that shelters are full

  • No bad dogs, bad owners

    Pit bulls do have a genetic predisposition to be a bit more aggressive, but they don't deserve the violent reputation that they get. Pit bulls can be just as loving as other dogs, and the fact that they can be trained to protect makes them incredibly valuable to people with small children.

  • Pit bulls do not deserve the label of dangerous dogs

    Pit bulls are like any other breed of dog. They want to love and be loved by us humans. Aggression is a trait that varies from dog to dog and is not based on the breed. Temperament is usually a result of how it was treated by the owner and the environment it grew up in. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds are more aggressive.

  • Animals Act as they are Raised

    Pit bulls only get a bad rap because people train them to be a certain way and if nothing is done to correct this behavior, there will be bad pit bulls. If pit bulls are raised correctly and with love, they will be so. The bad rap comes from the evil people who treat pit bulls as fighting animals and nothing else.

  • Yes, they do.

    Pit bulls absolutelty get a bad rap. Pit bulls are loving, loyal dogs that will help their owner or someone who is in distress. They have a bad reputation because some people have mistreated them and turned them into agressive fighting dog. Any abused animla will bite and attack people.

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