A student was suspended for turning in a knife. Has the school system gone too far?

  • In this case yes.

    It certainly seems from this article that the school district is sending the wrong message and discouraging what should be considered as responsible behavior. The knife wasn't even his (allegedly) but he wasn't trying to hide it. So even if it was his, he was still doing the right thing in turning it in..

  • Yes it was too far

    Yes I agree that the school went a tad too far this time. Perhaps there is more to the story but as far as I can tell the student was doing the right thing. In my school if you had a knife students would be in awe and want to see it. Hardly anyone would tell a teacher let alone turn it in. So in conclusion the child did the right thing and deserves to be acknowledged for his sense of moral.

  • Those who help to stop violence should never be punished

    Yes, the school system has gone too far in suspending a student for turning in a knife. There should be no tolerance for violence of any kind in a school and those who are violent should be punished. However, a student who is turning in a weapon and making efforts to stop violence should be commended and never punished.

  • Yes, the student should be commended for turning in the knife and not suspended.

    Yes, the school system has gone too far. Schools should encourage honesty. By turning in the knife the student displayed admirable honesty. Further, turning in the knife made the school more safe. It took a knife out of circulation. By punishing the student, the school is encouraging students to keep weapons they find or not report the weapon, both of which may lead to violent consequences.

  • Yes, it has.

    This is only one case in many of the school system going too far. There is no evidence that the student was turning in a weapon that belonged to them. This is just a silly as the student who was arrested because their parent packed a stake knife in their lunch.

  • There's more to the story.

    Likely, the student did not really find a knife in his backpack. Likely that's just what he told the school in order to make an excuse for bringing the knife to school. There is more to the story than the school can tell us because of student privacy. The student probably has other disciplinary infractions on his record.

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