A suicide bomber killed 80 protesters in Afghanistan. Can increased education largely end suicide bombers?

  • Yes, increased education can help to end suicide bombers

    The advantage of education leads to opportunity and better choices for all people. Most suicide bombers are desperate and fanatically tied to a special group that holds all their influence. An educated rational person considers all the options in their decisions. There will always be those mentally unstable people who can not be helped but education will benefit all.

  • Yes, suicide bombers have been radicalized to commit these acts of violence so it should be possible to de-radicalize them through education.

    Suicide bombers have generally been brainwashed into believing that their actions are justified and that they will go to a better life after death. They have an inaccurate interpretation of the Qur'an. An education that provides a greater understanding of the true meaning of the Qur'an would help discourage potential suicide bombers.

  • Yes, education could help end suicide bombers.

    I believe that education could help to end suicide bombing in some cases. The problem that education would face is that it has to overcome belief. Suicide bombers largely believe that what they are doing is in service of a cause larger than themselves, whether it's political or religious in nature. While education may be able to enlighten some, the challenge will be to provide proof that is not easily dismissed to back it up. Sometimes seeing is believing.

  • No, suicide bombings are going to happen either way

    Unfortunately, suicide bombings are not the results of uneducated people, they are a result of terrorists. People are not taking their own lives as well as many with them because they don't know any better, they are doing it because someone else is leading them to believe that it is the right thing to do. Until there are no terrorist groups in the middle east, there will be no stoppage of attacks, suicide bombings or not.

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