• They are both important but since you say who is MORE important my answer is this

    The farmer is more important for a very simple way.In order for you to be able to study and improve yourself you need first of all to be able to live.In order to live you need food and farmers give you that.If all teachers ''go extinct'' maybe sociaty will go backwards but it will survive.But it depends.Personally i learned more by myself,by searching and living than did in school.Only the first 6 years were essential for me after those i learned more myself and more useful things like geostrategy and i became a politicaly active person from my 12 years old.So maybe it won't have that much of effect especially if we can keep internet that can be a better school if used right.
    Now if farmers ''go extinct'' then we will die out.You see we have animals that we need to feed so they can become big so we can eat them.Without farmers they die.Without bread and without animals we also die

    so farmers are more importand

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