A Tesla car drove its owner to the hospital after he suffered pulmonary embolism. Have we only scratched the surface with smart technology?

  • Yes, we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with smart technology.

    Yes, the innovative technology that will emerge thanks to artificial intelligence and automation will change the way that we live. Self driving cars are just one of many technologies that could remove human error from the equation. These technologies will also allow people to focus more on the tasks they enjoy.

  • Yes, absolutely we have.

    There are many possiblities of what smart technology can do. The key is making sure that it functions properly, or we will see more unfortunate accidents than examples of incidents where smart technology makes peoples lives better. While it can improve our lives, it is important to not become dependant on it.

  • Yes, I think as innovation continues and technology advances there will be additional implications for smart technology

    One hundred years ago, people would have been amazed if you told them that modern people would be able to use a cell phone to call people, video chat with people, and look up information on the Internet. Technology will continue to grow and its ability to make smart decisions for people in times of crisis or need will also continue to grow.

  • Yes, smart technology has a lot of potential going forward.

    Yes, we've only begun to discover what we can achieve through the use of smart technology. It can make life easier, and as this Tesla anecdote illustrates, can even save it.

    However, all such exploration should be approached with caution; we are by no means at a point where smart technology can be regarded as consistently safe. At this juncture, we need a way for the user to immediately override any device in case of problems. But looking ahead, smart technology has the potential to be helpful in many fields, including medicine, architecture, the military, and of course, automobile design.

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