A Texas officer says blacks have "violent tendencies." Should he be fired for racism?

  • Yes, the Texas officer should be fired.

    The Texas police officer that said blacks have violent tendencies should not be working in law enforcement. No, his comments do not necessarily mean that he is racist. However, his comments show that he views blacks differently from the rest of society when it comes to violence. Therefore, this officer shows poor judgement when it comes to policing, and should not be a police officer.

  • Yes, he should.

    Not only should he be fired for his actions and because he said blacks have "violent tendancies" but the entire police force of Texas needs to be reeducated and learn about how people actually are, and to learn to be more sensitive and break their prejudice and racism about black people.

  • Yes, the officer is both racist and misinformed.

    Police officers are first and foremost peace officers. By espousing racist ideas, this officer may stir up racial tensions in his community and incite violence. I think he needs to be removed from his position to protect the community from his influence. As a private citizen, he can say anything he wants. But not when he's an employee of the police department.

  • The statistics support this conclusion

    Black people make up 12-13% of the population. Yet in terms of violent crime, they make up over half of the perpetrators of said violent crimes. This is not to say that all black people are like this but when there is a large community of people being over-represented in this kind of demographic, then there is a problem which is not being addressed. This may be deeply ingrained into the lack of authority and anti-police mentality that young people seem to have today that therefore makes them angry and more violent towards authority. But either way, calling a police officer out when there are valid statistics that support this conclusion is not the way to go about things; we have to acknowledge that black people are hugely overly-represented in crime statistics and calling people racist for pointing that out will not solve the problem ahead.

  • No. This is not a racial issue.

    Sataitics agree. Most black people are prone to more violence. However, this is a sensitive topic and there are always two or more sides. It's why we see so many people of color getting into incidents with police, as unfortunate and unfair as it may be. This officer should not be fired for speaking the sad truth.

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