A twenty-year-old obsessed with a movie about a heist stole $215,000 from the bank he worked for and disappeared. Do movies glamorize crime?

  • Movies Make Crime Look Fun

    In many cases, movies about robberies are glamorized. The movie Ocean's 11 shows a group of fun-loving crooks robbing a casino. The film does not show the pain and suffering that the crime caused, but rather makes the crime look fun. That said, it is not the movie-makers responsibility to show the pain and suffering, because they have freedom of expression to make movies about whatever they want.

  • Yes, movies do glamorize crime

    The frequent viewing of movies and video games does glamorize crime and influences young audiences. If a young person is immature or vulnerable then the impact of movies can be a strong factor in their lives. Movies use violence and crime for the shock value and it does make the criminal world look exciting.

  • Yes, movies paint an extremely glamorous picture of crime.

    Hollywood has a long history of romanticizing and glamorizing crime, rarely addressing the real life consequences of such behavior. Hollywood often paints criminals as masterminds with brilliant plans and the cops who chase them as clueless buffoons. In real life, law enforcement is highly trained and competent, with teams of people working on cases, often invoking the help of the media to garner attention and support. Hollywood also paints criminals who get away with their crimes as intelligent, diligent, and always one step ahead, when in reality it's often the result of pure dumb luck.

  • Yes, movies can glamorize crime.

    Many crime movies do glamorize criminals to better entertain audiences. However, some movies that glamorize crimes can end up enticing someone to commit a similar crime for the excitement of doing so. The bank employee that stole from his bank was likely motivated after watching a movie about a heist. The film most likely glamorized the crime.

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