• Yes, someone must continue his legacy but it is difficult to say who will.

    Yes, with Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi dead, someone needs to take his place. It is not clear who will, though. I feel that one of his many followers will take over. Or perhaps someone from his family will continue his legacy. Whoever it may be, that person must have similar humanitarian ideals.

  • The legacy of Edhi will continue on into the future

    Yes, the legacy of Abdul Satta Edhi will carry on through the Edhi Foundation. The Pakistani village of Edhi will continue the humanitarian work of the organization, helping homeless people, the sick, and the elderly. The foundation will carry its operations further through private donations. People will not forget Abdul Satta Edhi, a philanthropist nominated for the Nobel peace prize several times, with several awards in recognition of his work on an international level. Recently, his son, Faisal has been Abdul Edhi's spokesperson.

  • No, his legacy will not be continued.

    It is the sad end of an era, and it is sad to say that his work will end when he did. No one will be able to carry on with his work or live up to the high standards that he set. He was a remarkable man and the best hope is that his work will be his legacy.

  • He was unique

    The idea that any single person can simply step in and continue the work and legacy of Edhi is a fiction. People like that, who devote time and resources to the well-being of others, are few and far between. It is probably that much of his good works will be undone before the next of his kind comes along.

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