Abortion: Does abortion uphold the "dignity of life"?

  • Abortion absolutely upholds the idea of the "dignity of life".

    Dignity of life is a tough question, what does it mean? I guess it means that your place on this earth would be held in dignity. But the mere fact that a child is alive on this earth implies no dignity owed or promised. If a woman believes she needs an abortion, it is better to allow her one, rather than allow the child to be born into a situation where dignity is scarce.

  • Yes, Life Does Not Begin At Conception

    Yes, abortion does uphold the "dignity of life". Depending on the stage at which the fetus is aborted, it cannot be scientifically or medically classified as "alive", and therefore is a manual termination of cells. This termination is nothing different than shedding skin cells, cutting hair, or trimming fingernails. I believe that, if done correctly at the proper stage of pregnancy, abortion definitely upholds the dignity of life. Both for the fetus, as well as the woman.

  • Knowing from experience.

    I had an abortion because of my situation, going through a divorce with an abusive man who messed up his brain with drugs, already having two children with him plus a stepchild who needs me more than anything. If I were to have carried this child to term, I would have missed too much work to be a fit mother. I can't rely on child support checks because not only is my X in rehab (so he's not working), but he's never paid a dime of child support to begin with. I felt desperate with so much going on in the world and even considered adoption, What? Why don't I give up on my other kids and put them ALL in an orphanage while I'm at it? I still would have missed a lot of work just to have the cesarean, plus the cost of a whole new wardrobe of maternity wear, which all just felt overwhelming. I can't believe that this has become the decision I have made. I had so much love for this child that was growing in my stomach, but I didn't want to end up in a homeless shelter with it. I was pro-choice before believing "her body, her choice," but I honestly feel like what I have done was the most horrible thing I have ever done. I killed my child before it was even born. I can give as many excuses as I want as to why, but it will never change what happened. There was a life, not my own, and I ended it. I have to face every day for the rest of my life knowing that I told a doctor to suck my baby out with a vacuum hose. I dream every night about the sounds in the room, the taste of rubbing alcohol and death running through the back of my throat, the clear tube that carried my child from my womb into a box to be thrown away in the trash. I cry every day. I know it was wrong, because I went through it. Nobody should die that way.

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