Abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education: Are parents primarily responsible for sex education?

  • Parents are responsible for keeping their children safe, including educating their children about sex.

    Whether they are good at it or not, parents are responsible for the safety and welfare of their children. This includes educating them about what can happen to them if they engage in sexual activities or any other risky behavior. Statistics show that the earlier that children are when they learn about sex, the earlier they start to experiment in this behavior. The public school system keeps starting this curriculum earlier and earlier, with the result being more and more aborted children. The emotional and mental anguish that young people end up going through after aborting their babies has proven to be a burden that is much more difficult than they had imagined it might be. Television and Hollywood movies have also contributed to the problem of under-aged sex with a willful bent toward "pushing the envelope" regarding sexual content in media. It is possible for parents to adequately educate their kids about sex, AND for them to then make informed choices about abstinence.

  • Parents are responsible

    Parents are the ones that are most in charge of the children other than the children themselves, so the child's TEACHER shouldn't have to teach them about sex. It's like the parents are just throwing all of the work onto the teachers and that they're just some lazy adult not wanting to teach it to their children! It's just so irresponsible! I believe it shouldn't be taught in school so parents are practically told silently to teach their children.

  • Yes, parents should be primarily responsible for sex education.

    I believe that parents should be primarily responsible for sex education. However, I know that is not always the case because there is so much sex in the media, and kids learn things from their peers. I think parents should be the ones to tell their kids about sex education so they can instill their morals about the subject. Parents should not be afraid to discuss this topic with their children.

  • They play a role but not the primary one

    Schools are supposed to educate students and sex education is an important topic, they need to play a significant role in if nothing else making students curious about safe practices. Parents should have a role and should have some variation of "the talk" but it's not up to them to cover the brunt of it.

  • No really. Not at all

    With the current situation in the world, one finds that parents spend less time with their children than they do with their work schedules. Long gone is the life of the past where there was the so called 'family time'. Consequently, the teachers i.E new parents should take it upon themselves to dole out this education.

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