Accidental Shooting of Civilians Cause For Concern Over Targeting ISIL?

  • Yes it is

    The accidental shooting of civilians is a massive cause for concern over targeting ISIL. There will always be terrorist groups around, thhey feed off of our fear. We should not be killingg innocent people just to get a few of the terrorists. Unless the outcome benefits the greater good, we should just do nothing, just observe.

  • Yes, we should always do our best to mitigate civilian casualties

    The twenty first century has lead to the rise of unmanned machine warfare, namely military drones that can be operated from long distances. As a result, it has become very easy to send in a covert machine to monitor and then bomb an area of interest. The problem being that military intelligence is not an exact science and far too often civilians are killed. This is a concern that must be addressed in our modern military operations.

  • Yes, it is.

    The shooting may have been "accidental", but it was certainly tragic and almost certainly preventable. The US should have done a better investigation into the target, and have spent more time making sure that thier intelligence was correct and they were not shooting people based out outdated information and old maps.

  • Yes, we need to keep civilians safe.

    Civilians should not be caught in the crossfire, and any responsible country should work hard to minimize civilian casualties associated with any military or anti-terrorist operation. Even though terrorist organizations may not operate with that same concern, western countries should take the moral high ground here. Innocent people should never be killed.

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