Adnan Syed, subject of a ‘Serial’ podcast, will receive a new trial in his murder case, Do you think he is guilty?

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  • Syed Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    I have not listened to the "Serial" podcast, so I am unqualified to classify Adnan Syed as guilty. We are taught that our court system assumes that people are innocent until proven guilty. Since I do not have any evidence to classify Syed as guilty, I must say that he is innocent.

  • No, I do not think he is guilty.

    I do not think he is guilt because everyone should be consider innocent until guilt is proven. Until the trial is over with and all of the evidence has been seen and heard, no judgment is a fair and unbiased judgment. He is not guilty until the crime has been proven.

  • No, I find it sad that this is happening.

    Saddest thing I have ever seen. The fact that Lee's family is being denied justice by unscrupulous prosecutors and officers/detectives. Also the fact that a young man's life has been ruined and his name and family name has been tainted. We should not let scapegoating become a substitute for justice. Find the right one not just some one to blame!

  • No, Mr. Syed is likely not guilty of murdering his girlfriend.

    No, Adnan Syed is not guilty of the murder of his girlfriend. In order to prove his guilt, the prosecutor would have to be able to do so by proving each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. In Mr. Syed's case, the existence of an alibi witness that was never called at trial is likely to raise reasonable doubt, leading to a finding of not guilty.

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