Affirmative action: Is it OK that Affirmative Action contradicts notions of meritocracy?

  • Yes, affirmative action is necessary.

    It is fine to support the achievements of people in school and in the work force. However, it must be recognized that not every person has the opportunity to achieve in the same way. Some achieve by merely making it through in awful circumstances. We need affirmative action to make sure those with potential are recognized, as well as to right wrongs of the past.

  • Yes, Affirmative Action looks at what people have done with the resources available to them

    Given the history and current state of Black people in American society, affirmative action examines the people's performance and takes into account societal disadvantages (not the best schools, economic disadvantges, etc.) and identifies those who use their resources effectively. Based off of a larger "objective" standard by which we measure meritocracy, there may be some inconsistencies, BUT affirmative action accounts for people who are "top of the pack" in their respective inner-city school even if they're only "middle of the pack" from some amazing private school.

  • A Rebuttal Against Pros

    The people for Affirmative Action are all saying it helps against discrimination and helps determine who did the most with the resources they had. Affirmative Action doesn't help against discrimination. It actually makes many people angrier at those who benefit from it (people who are already discriminated against). Also, if Affirmative Action determines who did the most with the resources they had, it should be based on geographic location, not color. That is assuming all "commonly" discriminated against people live in crappy neighborhoods with crappy schools and little to no opportunities, and all white people live in perfect neighborhoods with perfect schools and opportunities. Thank you.

  • No, affirmative action is institutionalized racism.

    Affirmative action rewards being part of a group deemed less desirable by society which is not necessarily earned. If an individual chooses to discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, physical disability etc. that is their problem and should not be obligated to hire anyone for a reason they do not want to. Merit should be the only basis for getting a job, but if an employer would rather hire a person for any reason it should be their personal decision since they have to work with them not you.

  • No, I think that Affirmative Action had its place right after segregation, but is no longer necessary.

    I think that Affirmative Action had its place right after segregation, but is no longer necessary. We should abide by the notions of a meritocracy because people need to work to succeed. You can't just have a rule that says that you can make a decision based on something that has no grounds.

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