Afghan forces kill 122 Islamic State members after the Kabul attack. Should Afghanistan be more proactive in going after IS?

  • Afghan Forces Should Take the Fight to IS

    Afghan forces need to proactively stem the expansion of the Islamic State terror group by taking the fight to it. Reclaiming the territory that IS has seized is essential to reducing the numbers of fighters that they can successfully recruit because the group's perceived strength is diminished in the eyes of potential recruits as IS is forced to retreat from its enemies.

  • Yes, Aghanistan should be more involved in combating the issue with IS and their followers

    The government of Afghanistan should take a more proactive approach in combating IS and their supporters in their country. Time and again, IS has shown that they have no regards to anyone that doesn't follow their rules and regulations and will stop at nothing to make sure that they take control of countries in the middle east. IS claim that they are doing this for Islam but time and again, that has been proven to be false and the government should take notice of this fact. The powers that be in Afghanistan should take the necessary steps to stop the spread of IS in their country and defeat them to prevent the spread of terrorism of IS not only in their country but also worldwide.

  • Stopping the growth of IS has to happen first.

    IS continues to grow. In order to slow the growth of the so-called Islamic State a bigger effort is needed, starting with the Afghan forces. Once growth of IS has been stopped then shrinking of the number of members IS have can begin. There is no doubt a bigger effort has to come from the whole of the peaceful world but Afghanistan should be more proactive too.

  • Yes, Afganistan should be more proactive in going after ISIS

    Afghanistan has the greatest need to protect the country from terrorist but lacks the resources of military weapons and combat troops. It is important for the middle eastern countries to combine their efforts to rid the ISIS threat and find stability for their countries. The United States can be a helpful advisor but we can not be fighting all the the battles.

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