After all of the police brutality news, should the government bring out new laws and regulations to protect and prevent?

  • Yes, there should be new laws.

    The police have proven that they are no longer out to protect people. Instead they have constantly and sytematically hurt the people that they have sworn to protect. They need to be held accountable. Violent police officers need to be weeded out, as do racist cops. Cops should also not have guns.

  • Yes, law enforcement needs more education and oversight.

    Yes, law enforcement needs to be reoriented from an us versus them mentality that seems to pervade police culture. While law enforcement is a very stressful job that requires them to deal with unknown situations, the response to that spontaneity cannot be to respond to everything with physical force. The militarization of police departments must be rolled back. Officers should also be trained to view those they protect and serve as fellow citizens and not trouble making monsters. Civilian, unbiased, review boards of trained professionals would also be welcome. There need to be more laws and regulations that bind police conduct.

  • Yes, police brutality is getting out of hand.

    Although there are two sides to every story and it is impossible to know the unique circumstances surrounding the instances of police brutality, the excessive media attention and outrage over it, as well as the rampant militarization of the police, demands government action. Police should not be given weapons and equipment better suited to the military and should be heavily trained in de-escalation. Only then may we finally see a drop in these tragic events.

  • No, the government should not bring out new laws to protect and prevent violence.

    It is my opinion the police force should not require a new crop of laws to be written in order to do their jobs and protect us. Any individual who chooses the police force as their career needs to thoroughly examine their inner selves and determine that they will not be inclined to inflict unnecessary brutality.

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