After all of the rape allegations regarding Kobe Bryant, do you support Los Angeles having a Day in his honor?

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  • Kobe was never convicted

    The allegations against Kobe Bryant were just that - allegations. Last time I looked someone is innocent until proven guilty. If mere allegations were enough to prevent days of honor, employment or any other good favor, no one would be free. Let Kobe have his day. He has earned it.

  • No, there should not be a day honoring that rapist.

    Regardless of what Kobe Bryant did in his career, it should not be forgotten what he has done. To honor a person that has committed such acts is another slap in the face to the victims of his perversion. Los Angeles should not hold him up and honor him, this would truly minimize the severity of his actions in the eyes of the community and young people watching the charade.

  • Kobe Bryant does not deserve a day in his honor

    Although not convicted of rape in his criminal trial, Kobe Bryant did settle the civil case against him for that same rape. If assaults against women are excused in pro sports, how can we expect assaults against women do stop among the general public. Kobe Bryant's athletic talents do not excuse him from obligations as a role model to America's children.

  • No, there seems to be too much doubt as to Kobe Bryant's innocence.

    Although charges were dropped, Kobe Bryant's apology and subsequent financial settlement with the woman who accused him of rape, cast doubts as to his innocence. He also lied to the police when he initially denied any sexual encounter with the woman. Despite his brilliant career, his behavior sets a bad example to youngsters and Los Angeles should not be seen to condone this by celebrating him.

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