After ISIS claims another violent attack in Russia, can the U.S. and Russia put differences aside in order to combat ISIS?

  • Yes, I belive that anyone can put their differences aside.

    I believe that anyone or any nation that has had conflict or that is having conflict can put their differences aside and come together no matter what the circumstance is. Even though things may be strange at first I think that with some effort and good reconciliation people will see what they need to do to accomplish things for a greater good.

  • The common enemy of ISIS should bring countries together

    The current relationship between Russia and the United States may be strained, but it is certainly not at its worst. The government of both countries share common goals for their country's future, and the citizens of each country have much more in common than not. They do share a common threat from ISIS and should join together to combat it.

  • Yes, we can put aside our differences.

    Yes, the US and Russia should be able to put aside their differences in order to address the common good. While our relationship with Russia remains rocky at best, both countries have a considered and serious interest in defeating terrorism. In short, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Cant work together but can agree to wipe them out

    ISIS are the shit stain of humanity. The fact they act more like pigs than humans ensures they wont have a happy after life.


    All the world unite in Religion and Race and together we can make peace, move forward. As the saying goes once we live by the power of love rather than the love of power we can get on and work together

  • The United States and Russia can not effectively work together.

    The policies of the two countries, particularly policies regarding military action, differ drastically. Working together would require compromise on both sides. History has proven that compromise from either side is unlikely, and it could further strain the relationship between the two governments. Combating ISIS will require work from both countries, but the possibility of a true partnership isn't foreseeable.

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