After the Brexit vote, France is now Europe's largest economy: Was Brexit a mistake?

  • Europe matters a lot

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  • Being British myself I can tell you it certainly was a mistake,

    The decision to leave the EU was made largely by the older population of the country, as statistics have clearly shown. Votes were given to 85 year olds who will never see the consequences of their decision, let alone have to live with them, yet votes were not given to 16/17 year olds who despite being able to do exams,drive,work,marry and have children, were not allowed to vote on their own futures. By choosing Brexit, Britain has chosen fear over reason and has therefore doomed itself to a decade of economic uncertainty and possible disaster.

  • Britain's economy is struggling enough as it is.

    I definitely think that Brexit was a mistake. The British economy has been undergoing severe struggle in recent years, and I believe that a separation from the European Union will only further this economic strife. This decision will make recovering the economy even more difficult than it has been in previous years.

  • Yes, Brexit was a mistake.

    Brexit will cause problems for both the EU and the U.K. The EU, provided some support for the U.K. It provided financial support in the form of support for the film industry and helped to make trade easier, to name a few. Without this support both the U.K. and the EU will face some difficulty in the months and years ahead.

  • Yes is was a mistake

    Now that we have Brexited we are faced with a period of uncertainty, which for an economy based almost entirely on the tertiary sector is almost the worst possible thing that could happen as it will frighten off possible investors and damage the pound and the stock market, both of which we really need to be healthy for our economy to function. Basically we sacrificed economic stability and welfare for the vague, outdated concept of sovereignty which is not an exchange that I feel is worth it.

  • No, It's a good thing

    The only negative impact will be a short term decline in the economy, which is the only argument from the remain campaign, The positive impact will be being able to control your own borders and implement it's own laws, designed by the people, and not the laws of the super national state called the EU, The identity of the British public is being drowned out by the integration of multinationals, sooner or later their will be no french, Spanish, or any EU members culture or identity left, it will all be a European identity, Where integration will succeed, especially in the most economically successful countries that can attract freedom of movement from all over Europe.

  • It's Good and Bad

    I think it is good that the people of Britain stood up for what they wanted and actually executed it. This will help Britain with their borders and shows that they mean business. This could lead to the collapse of the EU, which may not be entirely bad. Britain will be fine, countries like Greece that rely on them will be economically destroyed. I believe countries should not be controlled by a larger group, they need to make their own decisions.

  • I disagree that Brexit was a mistake.

    I agree that after the Brexit vote, France became Europe's largest economy. I do not believe that Brexit was a mistake, however. I think Brexit was necessary for forward motion in Europe. I hope now that Scotland can gain its independence and that Spain will gain control of Gibraltar as well.

  • Brexit not really a mistake, according to voters.

    With voters in Britain giving their verdict, Brexit does not seem to be a mistake. Most voters seem to believe that, though Brexit would have a major impact on the markets and the law and largely the economy and Britain would definitely go through a brief period of instability, yet in the long run Brexit would prove to be a better decision.

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Gareth_BM says2016-06-25T14:40:18.550
It's too early to say for sure. Looking on the bright side if we get back to the tradition of fighting France they will have plenty of money to loot.