After the death of Jo Cox, should government leaders be given more security protection?

  • Assassination of political leaders a real threat

    Jo Cox, MP, was brutally shot and stabbed in an attack in Bristol. This is an indication that security measures for politicians need to be increased so that the same thing doesn't happen to someone else. Security protection is a tangible way to prevent assassination attacks committed against political leaders.

  • Yes, government leaders should be given more security protection.

    Being a leader in government is a challenging job already without having to worry about being harmed. Government should ensure that its leaders do have adequate security protection. The murder of Jo Cox illustrates the dangers that face high-ranking officials. In short, government leaders should be provided with additional security, and every threat made against them should be taken seriously.

  • No, government leaders should not be given more protection.

    It is my belief that we are providing government leaders with ample protection. It is tragic that no matter what we do, sick individuals will somehow manage to wreak their havoc. I do not feel that increasing protection efforts will stop deranged individuals from accomplishing their heinous crimes. Unfortunate? Yes!

  • Government leaders should be given no more security protection then they already have

    Government leaders should be given no more security protection than they already have. They already have a significant contingent of Secret Service and other law-enforcement personnel protecting them. If somebody is intent on getting a leader, they will. Time for world leaders to buck up and accept the fact that they are already well protected and accidents happen.

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