After this incident, should Ryan Lochte get his Olympic medals taken away?

Asked by: Joey888
  • He doesn't deserve it.

    Ryan Lochte's shameful actions should be a reason for the International Olympic Committee to take away all of his medals that he earned from the Olympic Games this year. Letting him keep those medals would be shameful too, because he doesn't deserve it. He vandalized a gas station bathroom while drunk.

  • He's faced enough consequences already...

    In a matter of mere days, he has lost millions through sponsors dropping him and he will possibly be extradited back to Brazil. While Lochte did vandalize parts of the Brazil gas station, the corrupt government has most likely over-exaggerated the story. Lochte shouldn't have his medals taken away, as that would be too severe of a punishment for a petty, albeit extremely stupid event. However, I believe the US National team should suspend him for several years, disallowing him to compete at the next Olympics in 2020. Honestly, what Lochte did was bad, but there are many more important things to be worrying about in today's society.

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