AIDS deaths in India down 55% since 2007: Is AIDS and HIV no longer a problem for society?

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  • AIDS is still lurking out there

    AIDS and HIV is still a huge problem, especially now that we are hearing about penicillin resistant bacteria. Most AIDS patience were dying from pneumonia and secondary pathogens due to being immunosuppressed. If there are pathogens that are resistant to penicillin many people will succumb to the illness. The Zika virus which has caused flu like symptoms will become even more powerful, so AIDS and HIV are still as dangerous as before. Remember we still have not found a cure.

  • No it is still a problem.

    AIDS and HIV are still a major problem for the global society. What has changes in the past thirty years or so is knowledge, awareness and access to medicine. The cost of treating someone with HIV is still astronomically and i believe this is the reason the disease still exits today.

  • AIDS and HIV are still a problem.

    Our society has become educated on the subject of AIDS and HIV. Sadly though, I believe we will never be completely rid of this virus. The symptoms sometimes take a while to show, even for someone who is regularly tested. It is extremely easy to pass the virus, in fact it only takes seconds. One single mistake. Until there is a "cure" it will not be under control, and even then I do not believe it can be completely wiped from our society. If anything it would evolve as other viruses do.

  • Until we find a cure

    HIV and AIDS prevention has come a long way, but a lot of that only comes from better education rather than great medical advances. It's ridiculous to say it's not longer a problem for society until the disease is eradicated rather than simply kept in check through vigilance and proper prevention.

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