Alibaba (BABA): Should you buy now (yes) or is there too much hype (no)?

  • It worked for Amazon.

    I would buy Alibaba now because we have a track record to look at in Amazon. Amazon did really well, and they continue to expand their offerings. Alibaba will likely do the same. My returns have always been good in emerging markets, so Alibaba, China, and Asia in general are good places to look.

  • Yes, it lives up to the hype.

    Alibaba has managed to keep both Amazon and eBay out of china, which gives a strong indication of its market power and intentions for the future. It is set to undercut western commerce with cheap Chinese imports and take over western e-commerce to a great extent. It's stock price will only increase in the near future.

  • Alibaba Is a Good Buy

    I think Alibaba is a very good investment opportunity. The strong company`s presence in Asia and diversified portfolio, combined with huge potential buyers number make the share a high yielding one. On top Alibaba business is predominantly based in the Asia region. The region features high growth retail potential, due to the increasing buying power of the Chinese, Indians and due to the larger number of population living on this continent.

  • Alibaba too much hype

    I will not be buying Alibaba as of right now. I do not typically invest in things and I do not know that much about Alibaba. The only thing that I know is that it is a foreign online website that sells things. I do think that it is getting to much hype.

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