Alien signal detected by Russian astrophysicists turns out to be terrestrial disturbance. Do you believe there is alien life?

  • Most defiantly they are out there

    We have to remember that man is one of earth’s second batch of children and billions of years ago the first batch dinosaurs ruled until an asteroid killed them all. With this said there are most likely alien races out who have been around since the dinosaurs and never suffered such a catastrophe, therefore they could evolve and grow over billions of years. But lets also say there was a races just as old as ours, well all I can say is who knows how things turned out on their worlds they might not have gone through the dark ages like we did. Or they could have actually had a nuclear holocaust during some cold war which might have sent them back to the stone age. I cant say but there is most defiantly other life out in space.

  • Earth being the only inhabited world is logically impossible

    A cosmos billions of years old and billions of light-years in diameter and Earth is the only life-bearing planet? As far as I'm concerned, what a waste of space. Astronomers have already discovered hundreds, perhaps thousands of planets outside our solar system. And there are over 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe.

  • Yes, I believe there is alien life.

    Yes, I believe there is alien life. It is egocentric to believe that there is no other race or species out in space. There are millions, maybe billions of other planets and galaxies and the universe is never-ending. It is even foolish to think that we are the most technologically advanced species in the universe.

  • Yes, there probably is, but far away.

    There are probably millions of habitable, Earth-like planets in the universe, and some of those planets probably have humanlike species living on them. It would be very hard to believe that out of all of the trillions and trillions of planets in the universe, only one would have humanlike species on it, and we happen to be on it. However, these other species, if they exist, probably live on planets that are far, far away from Earth.

  • It's arrogant to think we're alone in the universe

    I believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe. I don't know where, what level of achievement it might have reached, or whether we'll ever encounter it. I do believe it's arrogant to presume that we're the only life in the entire universe. I cannot fathom a Creator who would build a whole universe just for us.

  • There is no alien life

    There is no alien life. Life outside of earth has not been found, despite many new planets being discovered. The latest sign, a signal detected by Russian astrophysicists, turned out to be a disturbance. There has been a lot of time and money spent on the space program, which has showed no signs of life on any other planet.

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