• Ofc man heres why:

    Personally I find anyone who eats a bowl of frosted flakes covered coca cola mixed with kool aid while singing sad songs to a damn potatoe the most retarded donkey who has ever lived

    Im just going to say this to add enough words to reach the sufficient amount of words to submit this damn letter.

  • You have to be

    How would anyone besides a donkey be able to get an HD picture of a donkey post it on debate dot org and not be taken down by the illumidonkey secret society and be burned at the stake and or be sacrificed to the dark lord sauron in donkey form

  • Yah pertiy munchy

    Alright, so one no one cares about your opinion facts alright deal. I need 36 more words so. ALSO i mispell thing to get your what ever so even tho you read this in right and guss what your wrong.

    How is life now knowing that no one cares BOOM roasted

  • Donkeys don't grind their teeth

    This is clearly a Glopagus, seeing as they are the only animals with the ability to move their jaw in this fashion. Another reason for this not being a donkey is that donkeys are allergic to the shade. As this animal ( Glopagus) is standing in the shade, it cannot possibly be a donkey.

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