Amber Rose had her first dance on "Dancing with the Stars." Will she win it all?

  • Yes, she might.

    People either get lucky or they're really skilled. Amber Rose can win it all if she's very lucky or if she is very good at dancing. That she is new at it does not stop her from beating all the experts. With hard work, she just might win it all.

  • Yes, she will.

    Amber‘s practices have been complete fire and she is definitely in it to win it. The two started their routine with a sexy little introduction that had the whole audience fanning themselves. And, once they actually got to the foxtrot, things only got better. Contrary to Amber's fears that she wasn't enough of a "princess" for the routine, she looked like total royalty on the floor.

  • Yes. She will.

    Amber Rose is clearly a great dancer and she has a stunning personality. SHe likely has had some sort of dance training before, which sets her apart from a large number of the other celebrity contestants. It is sure that she will capure the hearts and minds of the judges.

  • One Dance Not Determining Factor

    There is no definitive answer to this question. If she did well, there is a possibility she could get far but one dance is not the deciding factor for shows of this nature. Only time will tell if Amber Rose will win the whole competition. There are probably other good dancers on the show as well.

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