• This should be fun.

    Has or is America responsible for acts of aggression against other ideologically oppose nations = yes

    Has or is America responsible for Imperialism through financial strong arming = yes

    Has or is America responsible for undermining sovereign nations = yes

    Has or is America culpable for the marginalisation and destruction of the native population = yes

    Has or is America responsible for the historic forced slavery of Africans = yes

    The poster of this opinion reminds me of me when I came to the realisation that my country instead of being the white knight coming to the rescue of people in need did things that were reprehensible and out of self interest.
    Recognising the faults of the past help to not repeat them. It is okay to recognise and comment upon the mistakes your nation has made. YOU are not guilty of the sins of your forefathers.
    The last paragraph of lookingatissues piece kinda grated on me though. Claiming that other nations are far worse and America stands head a shoulders above all others is watering down the impact of Americas actions across the globe, Perhaps this person has learned nothing from history and is bound to repeat it?

  • America's not Guilty Because, Well, well Everyone says America is !

    America is "Guilty" is the most often heard charges placed against this country and the charges are endless in variety from domination of other countries for its oil and other resources, the taking of land from Native Indians and others, and slavery.
    The list of America's trangressions against the rest of the world ,according to the vilifiers, has been a ever expanding list since the founding of this country. The trangressions of America are exposed by those most eager to cast America in a bad light but somehow the transgressions of the rest of the nations of the world no matter how horrendous the deeds were, are ignored and rarely brought up. Forget, and forgive, is the thought in the case of other nations but for some reason there is no forgiveness for America perceived sins, there is no such forgiveness for America by those who have a disdain for the country and its people.
    This denigration of America not only has been done by other nations but America has been belittled even by some of America's own citizens.
    Winston Churchill once remarked ,"I want no criticism of America at my table. The Americans criticize themselves more than enough."
    A Nation that feels guilt for Everything
    "....The distinguished French writer Jean Francois Revel,....Understood..... The dangers of endless self- criticism and self- denigration." He wrote: Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself."
    Isn't it way past time that America and its citizens quite blaming its self for all of the troubles in the world and recognized that the trangressions charged against America and Americans are made because of a need to have a scape goat ever handy to evade the responsibility for all the atrocities and conquests of other nations lands that they were responsible for, In comparison to the history of other nations, America stands head and shoulders above them, How dare they to point their fingers at America and shout, "Guilty," when they are the ones who are "Guilty" of what they always charge America with.

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