America Ferrera and Lena Dunham took shots at Trump at the Democratic convention. Is Trump anti-woman?

  • Yes, Trump is anti woman

    Donald Trump is not just anti woman, he is anti everyone that isn't him. If Trump is elected, I believe we will see a severe decline in working women and women's rights. I think that every step that women have taken in the last 50 years will be called into question under our new president, setting women back again.

  • Yes, Trump is anti-woman

    Based on the many comments and statements that Trump has made, he is anti-woman. He carries an outdated viewpoint against woman in power and it is demonstrated in his personal life as well. He marries woman that he can control or just praises them for their beauty without recognizing their mental abilities.

  • Trump is anti-everything.

    Donald Trump is far from a feminist. He is a man who treats women like objects. That is why all of his wives are Eastern European models who he can control with money and flaunt his power. He even had a beauty pageant which are one of the most sexist things around, parading women around like they're cattle and judging them by their looks. Then there was his all out assault on Megyn Kelly, claiming she was only angry because it was that time of the month. That kind of thinking is archaic and ignorant and is definitely anti-woman. Donald Trump may only consider Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig, but it would appear he considers all women that way. He's running against a woman so the sexist comments should flow like Niagara Falls in the next few months, more than they already have.

  • Trump Doesn't Single Out Women

    Donald Trump has insulted many people, but in no way is this limited to women. He has made negative comments regarding plenty of men as well (Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, etc.). For some reason, a large number of people assume that women are somehow not subject to this, but that would make Trump sexist towards men if he went about like that. He just happens to be slightly more coarse than most of the others involved in this election, but women are simply included, not exempt, by his standards.

  • No, Trump is not anti-woman

    Donald Trump is not anti-woman. Yes, Trump often makes bombastic comments, and have insulted many women with inappropriate remarks. However, Trump has also attacked many male opponents and critics as well. Therefore, Trump's harsh comments are not exclusive to women. Furthermore, Trump has promoted many women into executive roles within his companies. Trump has even shown support for women's health issues and Planned Parenthood funding.

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