American University in Kabul came under attack. Should American students stop taking courses in that region?

  • yes, american students should be evacuated fron that region

    Kabul is under war during too much time now and there's no reason to send students out there. The courses are not good ones. I prefer to have students working in america to make the american society even better. The best brain have to be at home and serve the country.

  • Students should avoid Kabul at this time

    The region of Kabul is highly dangerous at this time, especially for foreigners. While many students may feel their being there is helpful to international relations, it is actually putting them at high risk and giving terrorists an appealing target for violent attacks. Until the region is more stable and secure, students should avoid the area.

  • Americans should stop taking courses in war torn regions

    American students should stop taking courses in certain regions that have been plagued by war and terrorist groups. This includes Afghanistan, where American University was attacked in the capital city of Kabul. The students cannot be kept safe, despite being fortified, and they should do the wise thing and avoid these countries.

  • No, American students should not necessarily quit taking classes in Kabul.

    No, American students should not so taking classes in Kabul and similar regions as a result of the recent attack. If the attack is related and it is clearly meant to target American students, then in that case American students should stop attending so as to make the university safer for everyone, but only in that case.

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