Americans lost trust in news media: Is traditional media growing obsolete?

  • I actually still like the newspaper, but....

    That's admittedly an obsolete habit that I just happen to enjoy. For actually finding out rock solid information, I typically bypass news media as much as possible, and just find the source of the story myself. All they are, for the most part, is a bunch of biased noise I personally have no time for, except my morning paper.

  • Yes, Traditional Media is Growing Obsolete

    Though the media has a tremendous amount of sway, both direct and subliminal, seeded concern is now blossoming as complete distrust. Print media is dying, digital media is unreliable, and now, even live coverage is viewed with marked skepticism. We can blame those who disseminate false information, but it does not quell the issue of widespread, inaccurate reporting. Besides discovering better news routes and sources of coverage, we must accept that traditional media has severely crippled itself.

  • Yes, traditional media is growing obsolete.

    Yes, traditional media is growing obsolete. Traditional media is all about sensation and scare tactics. However, I think more people are now realizing that what makes a good story is not necessarily the truth. There are also so many outlets on the internet where anyone can find any information they want. This is making traditional media obsolete.

  • Traditional media is growing obsolete

    Traditional media is growing obsolete because of the unfettered bias that the mainstream media engages in on a daily basis. One need only look at the current election cycle to see Mass media bias and action. Can the media to do anymore to try to get Hillary Clinton elected and an sure that Donald Trump never sees the White House?

  • More and more people are seeing through the media

    There really is no such thing as unbiased media anymore. Everyone takes a side, no matter how sheepishly or quietly they do it. It is nearly impossible not to take side, especially with politics the way they are now. The best way to get news is to see and read for yourselves, finding out exactly what has been said and done rather than relying on the news to provide you with the clips and quotes they feel are most important.

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