Americans Not Confident That Votes Being Counted: Should the US increase voter transparency?

  • Why not do so?

    I'm in favor of voter transparency. Ultimately, most of us don't really understand how the electoral college works, and how our votes do or don't affect the outcome of the elections. Really we need to overhaul the electoral process and drill our youngsters in how it should work. But, if we're talking about counting votes, that process should be fair and transparent so we can really see the popular vote totals.

  • Yes, the should.

    Voter transparency could help aliviate some people's fears. The truth is that some ballots do not get counted, and it is not always clear why. It would makes sense for there to be a database where people could check to see if their vote was counted and if not, why not.

  • There are no issues with voting

    Donald Trump has become a disease to the political process. He puts anything out in public as if it is gospel and people just believe it. Now i'm the first to admit that something irregular happened in Florida in 2000, which allowed George Bush to win but no one is willing to do that for Donald Trump. He is such a horrible candidate Republicans and Democrats are banding together to get rid of him.

  • I think we should let Trump shut up

    Is there any chance that the far right and far left have decided to take 'my vote doesn't count' entirely too literally? We don't need more transparency, we need great accountability for politicians and leaders so that each and every vote cast actually brings impact to bear. It is not a matter of transparency but true democracy.

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