America's Got Talent star Grace VanderWaal has been compared to Taylor Swift. Will she be more popular than Taylor Swift?

  • Yes, she is equally talented.

    America's Got Talent star Grace VanderWaal has been compared to Taylor Swift and is bound for greatness and may even surpass Taylor Swift in popularity. The lady has an great and unique voice, and I believe we have not seen the last of her. She is the next queen in the music industry.

  • Taylor Swift has the ability to appeal to a wider audience.

    Taylor Swift has had hit songs in several different genres of music and therefore can appeal to greater number of people. She has also been in the industry longer and knows what it takes to be successful. Although Grace has an amazing talent, it takes more than that to be a huge success like Taylor Swift.

  • Money makes Money

    Taylor Swift is not an exceptionally talented singer, dancer, or performer. What she is, however, is a commodity. She is a brand that a lot of money has been put into to make successful and as such, she will continue to thrive. This Grace VanderWaal might be talented but if she is too similar to Swift, the money machine won't get behind her.

  • It's a different type of singing

    Grace has a wonderful voice, but it harkens back more to singers of the 60's than it does the type of music that Taylor Swift makes and is popular today. I think she will be more like Jonny Lang, who chose to go to the blues and be very good at it. Grace will be very popular, but the type of music she is best at isn't.

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