An aide to Gov. Christie claims he lied about Bridgegate. Did the governor know about the lane closures ahead of time?

  • Yes, the death penalty is the ultimate deterrent to capital offense.

    The death penalty one of the most important part of the justice system that puts a check on major crimes anywhere in the world. Research has shown that the more a country tries to abrogate a death sentence, the more crimes it has to deal with.

    One wonders what the justice system will have in store for mass murderers such as terrorists and serial killers; a life sentence? Will that pacify the families and friends of the victims? We have also heard about high profile jailbreaks in which dangerous criminals become loose once again. Most of the developed world also have paroles after which a life sentence may be commuted to pardon. Not many of us expect these types of criminals to mend their ways again when they find themselves in the streets.

  • The governor should know what's going on in his state.

    I agree because the governor should always know what is going on in their state. They are responsible for the decision making and so leaving those types of decisions to other members of his staff is not acceptable. It would not be a very good policy of a governor to leave these decisions to other members because ultimately the governor will have to be able to defend the position and the actions taken by the government.

  • Christie knew about the lane closures.

    it is unlikely that a member of Christie's staff would do something as extreme as closing lanes on such a heavily trafficked bridge without at least his tacit approval. It is hard to imagine he would be so out of touch with his own staff that the closures could be ordered without his knowledge. The aid's statement merely confirms what common sense tells us is true.

  • Sure he did.

    It's impossible for him not to have know about the closures ahead of time. Nothing goes on within organizations like that without the leaders knowing what's going on. Besides, the "aide" had no real reason to lie on Christie. Of course Christie is going to deny all allegations. Don't they all?

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