An illegal immigrant deported twice is charged with stabbing a teen 40 times. Do we need tougher immigration laws?

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  • Immigration laws are plenty tough

    Immigration laws are already sufficiently strict. We aim to weed out the undesirables and limit immigration from countries that are known to harbor terrorists. Those committing a crime are forced to leave the country. Obama's policy was to grant amnesty to those that have been here a set number of years without a problem. This is far different than just opening up the borders.

  • No, that is not the issue.

    Tougher immigration laws have nothing to do with stabbings, rape, murder, theft or any other crime that is seperate from immigration. People born here commit many of the same kinds of crime on a regular basis. What we need is to focus on preventing crime by solving the root causes.

  • Immigration Reform Should be Refocused, Not Necessarily More Harsh

    There is an obvious need for some reform when it comes to immigration policy, but I believe simply making the laws tougher will not solve the problem. Evaluating the current laws to find where the loopholes and out dated parts could solve problems in regards to illegal immigrants. Also improving relations and communications with other countries in order to facilitate the enforcement of immigration law. Making the laws tougher may just ensure that the individuals who are the most connect, funded or simply ruthless will succeed over the desperate and less threatening individuals who will be caught first.

  • No, we do not need tougher immigration laws.

    No, the tragic violent incident involving an illegal immigrant, who was deported twice, being charged with stabbing a teen 40 times does not mean that we need tougher immigration laws. I believe what we need instead of immigration laws are federal and local support systems for illegal immigrants to safely and appropriately work to become citizens and members of the US society.

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