An Oregon woman shot an intruder. Do you think proposed gun control laws will make people less safe?

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  • A bad idea.

    They only punish the law abiding people. You see, people who are willing to break laws like murder, theft, have no regard for the law so they are not about to obey a law about gun ownership. This means the only people who surrender their guns and obey the law are law abiding citizens. This means the criminals would still have guns and the innocent are unarmed making them better targets for the criminals.
    If you read the article attached, ask yourself, what could have happened if the woman was unarmed? Sure, the intruder would still be alive but what about her and her kids?

    "Some argue that the only feasible approach to control violent gun deaths is to reduce the number of guns in society, e.g. a so-called “assault weapon ban.” These approaches, for the most part, would consist of blanket policies that affect all citizens regardless of criminality. They are the least effective, especially if it is not possible to completely remove all firearms from society. Proposals of this nature are based on the assumption that gun violence happens because the average person was momentarily provoked to kill and happened to have access to a firearm. Contrary to this assumption, most murderers are not ordinary people who would not have killed but for the presence of a firearm."

  • Yes, proposed gun control laws could make people less safe.

    While I am all for anything that takes guns out of the hands of those not deserving of owning them, I do feel that stricter gun control laws definitely have the possibility of endangering those who simply want to possess a gun in case something horrible and unexpected happens where they need to defend themselves.

  • Gun control laws will make us safer

    Gun control laws will make society safer. While an Oregon woman was able to shoot an intruder, in more cases there are accidental shootings. Giving people more access to guns logically leads to more violence, not less. This has been proven in countries that have strict gun laws. It has also been the case in the U.S. in places such as New York City.

  • No, proposed gun laws will not make people less safe.

    Most proposed gun laws deal with preventing dangerous criminals or potential terrorist from purchasing a gun. These gun laws would enhance background check requirements by closing gun sale loopholes. Furthermore, some proposed gun laws would restrict where guns may be carried in public. However, these gun laws would not prevent a law-abiding citizen from keeping a firearm in her home to defend herself. Therefore, these gun laws will not make people less safe.

  • Gun control laws would make people more safe.

    No, proposed gun control laws will not make people less safe. This is another situation where media coverage makes us scared and gives us a wrong impression. Once in a while we hear a story like this where an individual was able to save herself with a gun. However, this doesn't happen as often as we might think. We don't always hear about the situations where a gun did not or would not have saved anyone, or worse, when they would have caused more harm.

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