Anthony Weiner was caught sexting yet again. Should he lose custody of his kids?

  • Yes, Weiner should lose custody of his kid.

    Anthony Weiner continues to have scandals involving sexting and inappropriate relationships. What's worse, this last scandal involved Weiner sending a picture of him posing with his son. Weiner's wife has every right to be concerned about his responsibility of being a father; making good judgements and decisions involving their son. In short, Anthony Weiner should probably lose custody of his kid, until he can get a handle on his life.

  • No, he should not lose custody over extramarital affairs.

    Adultery is not acceptable behavior, but this is a betrayal of his marriage vows and not a reflection of his parenting skills. It is concerning that one of the photos included his young son, but custody should be decided on his ability to parent, not his ability to stay faithful to his wife.

  • That's way too extreme

    The vast vast majority of sexually active-aged Americans engage in sexting fairly regularly. Anthony Weiner, despite being in the public eye, is just a regular dude, albeit with poor understanding of technology. Losing his kids would be an extreme overreaction, and would set a terrible precedent for the rest of the country.

  • Sexting is not a reason to lose custody of your children

    I don't like the man. I don't like what he has done and what he continues to do. However, he could be a perfectly good, loving father and make poor decisions, such as sexting. Unless he has demonstrated that he is a poor father, he should continue to have the opportunity to be a father to his children. Many people make bad decisions and have poor judgment, but they can still potentially be a wonderful parent. He should retain that right.

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