Anton Vaino's "nooscope": Is the academic work of Putin's new chief of staff more than theoretical?

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  • No, not likely

    Not only is it probably theoretical, it is also an impossiblity and even if real an exaggeration. The world has way too many problems for any one device or idea to solve them. Big ideas like the internet and the smartphone, for example, can make huge differnces, but they cannot solve everything.

  • No proof exists

    Vladmir Putin's new chief of staff, Anton Vaino, claims to have invented the "Nooscope". According to a paper authored by Vaino, "The Nooscope is the first device that allows the study of humanity’s collective consciousness." The paper has been met with much speculation and jeering inside and outside of Russia.

  • Anton Vaino's "Nooscope" Is Theoretical

    Vaino's theory is a bit of weird science at best, and certainly nothing that will make any dents in collective human consciousness. Since he claims the device can lead to the end of all human suffering, there should be no hesitation in unveiling it. If the device exists, Vaino needs to produce it and put it to work. Otherwise, his 15 minutes of fame have come and gone, leaving even academia in Russia shaking their heads and moving on.

  • No! Anton Vaino's "nooscope" is nothing more than theoretical.

    Anton Vaino's "nooscope" is absolutely nothing more than theoretical. There is no evidence anywhere to suggest otherwise. "Nooscope" is just the academic work of Putin's new chief of staff and nothing more. Without any sort of proof or anything to suggest it to be anything else, "nooscope" is nothing but theoretical.

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