Anton Yelchin was killed by his own vehicle. Do you think the auto companies can do more to make cars safer?

  • Car designers should always come up with new ways to make cars safe.

    Ever so often we hear about companies recalling products due to defective parts. This suggests that there are sometime inherent flaws in the manufacturing or design of the product. Cars also fall into the category of products that are recalled, so yes, automobile companies should always be working on ways to create and innovate their machinery so that drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are safe.

  • Yes, the technology to make cars even safer is available.

    Yes, car companies have an obligation to make their vehicles safer if the technology allows. Manufacturers recently committed to introducing automatic braking systems as a standard feature in new models, and my opinion is that even if the systems are only partially effective, they may very well save thousands of lives. A car that brakes by itself takes some getting used to from the driver's perspective, but it's worth making that adjustment to avoid injuries and fatalities.

  • Yes, there are people who are highly trained who still have accidents/incidents which seemingly should be easy to avoid.

    A design that kills people is faulty by definition. Cars are not supposed to kill people in their own driveways. What if the “intended” operation of the Jeep’s steering wheel was that it would turn left when you turned the steering wheel right and vice versa? Or if they put the gas pedal on the left and the brake on the right? Would that be OK? You would explain this in the owner’s manual and anyone who didn’t read the book closely and messed up – it would be their own fault, right?

  • Yes, automobile safety can always be improved.

    Yes, I believe that automobile companies can do more to make cars safer. Though cars are much safer today than they were fifty years ago, advancing technology and a greater understanding of what causes accidents like the one that led to Anton Yelchin's death can be used to design and manufacture safer vehicles.

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