• Having a preference doesn't make your brain any less capable.

    Disliking kids has no correlation to mental health. If you dislike kids, you must have a reason, as with any preference. Hating a kid has no effect on how your brain processes information, its no different than hating a murder, its for a reason, not a disorder. A murder is a human being who did something you dislike. A kid is a human being who did something someone disliked.

  • There are no selfless reasons to have a kid

    EVERY argument to have a child is self-centered. If you honestly think about it - you cannot conjure a single selfless reason to have a kid. So why are don't I want them? Kids today, despite the seemingly minimal efforts of parents to make them otherwise, are complete out of control brats. This isn't the olden days when "children should be seen and not heard." Children are the center of everyone's universe now and they can't effectively be disciplined. Why on EARTH would anyone want one???

  • This is a completely irrational assumption.

    Some people just hate kids. Face the facts. Sure, some people who hate kids might be unsavoury for their own reasons, and I can understand that. Sometimes it might just be a fear of having kids, or a phobia. This is an awful and swooping assumption to make about people and I would fully challenge your argument.

  • Some adults have no patience

    Some adults do not have kids because they're constant need for attention demanding and tiring. This is only true of some adults as most find them charming. It is a lack of patience that triggers this annoyance towards infants. Most adults will have children because they fell that they can take good care of them.

  • If someone expresses their dislike it does not talk about their level of intelligence

    We all have preferences of one thing over the other based on our knowledge and past experiences.
    If someone dislikes children he just dislikes them. Just as someone might dislike puppies or baby koalas. Hating is a feeling, usually associated with other feelings. Being stupid is usually associated with lack of factual knowledge or narrow-mindedness.

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