• AFL Footballers as Role Model

    AFL Footballers are good role models. It all depends on who the person is and what they are doing in their life because other people on television can see them. If they live an honest life, and show love, care and compassion for others then I believe that they are good role models and people can look upon them.

  • AFL Footballers can be good role models.

    Every parent has the responsibility to their children to be knowledgeable in who they support and endorse. Any professional can be a role model, but not every professional can be a role model. Parents must meticulously monitor who their children look up to, and at proper time endorse or rebuke that role model.

  • Footballers Aren't All Good.

    Some Footballers fall into supplements and drugs and alcohol. A lot of fighting and rough conduct has nowadays footy players stranding in a new controversy. Footballers in all their athleticism is great but the stuff we don't see is not usually great. Footballers like the picture of this debate shows a group fighting, whenever something like this happens in the middle of a game notice that the camera usually starts to focus on the fight. Is this the way to go?

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