• Racism is still a problem

    Black people are often targeted more than any other race, due to the fact that racism is still a prominent issue in our society. We have come along way, but stereotyping is still happening, putting good people and bad all in one category and putting an entire race at risk everyday, not just with the police, but society.

  • Yes, African Americans are at a greater risk of police violence than are other groups.

    Yes, African Americans are at a greater risk of police violence than are other groups. While more whites may suffer from police violence, that is because there are a much greater number of whites in America. Statistically, a greater percentage of African Americans suffer from police violence than do whites, even if they have fewer numbers overall.

  • Yes, African Americans are more at risk of police violence.

    Yes, African Americans are more at risk of police violence and brutality because of the stereotyping of African Americans in modern media. Pop culture showcases African Americans in a light that makes people believe that all African Americans are bad and dangerous. Overall, African Americans are more at risk of police brutality because of how the media portrays them.

  • In a word...Yes.

    Here's why. Blacks are responsible for about 90 percent of violent crime, and half of all non negligent homicides. Many of them are repeat offenders, so they have more encounters with law enforcement. Racism has little or nothing to do with it. It is the result of the black culture. Nothing more.

  • No they are not.

    It's mainstream media BS that they keep trying to push. In 2016, 509 people have been shot and killed by police officer from those 123 were black, just 12 (3%) in total were unarmed, if there was a nationwide epidemic of racist white cop shooting black people these figures would be far higher because the percentage of unarmed white people shot dead by cops is exactly the same 3 percent so cops are shooting dead unarmed white and blacks exactly at the same rate.

  • No, everyone is at risk of police violence

    I am close to the fence on this topic and I admit at times it does seem like more African Americans experience violence at the hands of the police than other races. However, I think the media is guilty of painting this picture and it is not necessarily reality. Racism is a sad reality in our country, but I don't think African Americans are more at risk of police violence simply because of their skin color. I think anyone who is guilty of a crime or uncooperative with police, regardless of race, can end up a victim of police violence. I think the real issue is with police force training. I am a white, middle-class, conservative, female and I feel like police have been too harsh with me when I'm guilty of nothing more than a broken taillight. I have been asked to step out of my car and go through a drunk driving test and have been treated like a guilty person for no reason. I don't drink at all and obviously had no alcohol on my breath, but was still made to get out of my car late at night. I think race is one issue, but I think police too easily let their authority and power go to their heads or they make poor decisions in the heat of the moment.

  • A simple matter of statistics vs BS

    Cops killed nearly twice as many WHITE people in 2015. 50% of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26% were black. This is according to the Washington post. Not to mention that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties.

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Dilara says2016-07-08T04:46:41.377
Yes because they commit more crimes.