• All People Are Created Equally

    In the women's suffrage movement, it was determined that "all men are created equally" actually applies to all people. Therefore, there is no reason that some people should not be allowed to do certain things due to their age. We have a problem in America of viewing those younger than us as inferior. That is why we allow thousands of babies to die each day in abortion and deprive people once born of basic rights for the first 13/16/18/21 years of life.

  • Age Limits Do Discriminate

    I believe that age limits do discriminate. There are many of examples of rules that do this not just in age range, but also in height ranges as well. Want to ride the ride? You have to be 56" to get on. That's discrimination as well. I believe a lot of these limits are placed for the general well being of the public and most importantly they are non-biased restrictions, in that they aren't pointing at a specific group of people. Therefore, they are necessary in some circumstances.

  • Age limits are discrimination.

    Age limits for certain jobs are a form of discrimination. There should not be limits of the age of people because they are a form of prejudice. It is not fair to discriminate against people just because of their age. Rather, companies should be fair and understanding too all people no matter their age.

  • I mean yeah

    I think it is because if a baby wants to drink alcohol or what not then they should be able to. All men are created equal I mean even if its not safe i think we should still let them because its like racism but with age so I mean yeah this is something

  • I really think that age limits are discrimination!

    Well duh. People who are 6 do not deserve less rights than people who people who are 66! That is all i need to say. You do not need to read the rest. I'm just going to keep rambling on about how I just need a few more words and done.

  • We're all people

    Minors should not be treated as property because of their age its unjust and uncalled for. We should be considered as citizens by the 14th amendment of the constitution and have the basic rights as adults ex. Right to vote, right to purchase lottery tickets ect. By the age of around 12-13 all people should have these basic rights.

  • Age doesn't matter

    People are discriminating and not seeing what something's a kid can do. Yes sometimes a kid might think he/she's cool, but somethimes a kid might actually be able to do really big stuff.Its not like a kid could make it Into the military. Or drive a car but they might be able to do something

  • This is silly.

    Let me ask all the "yes" voters, would you trust a 5 year old with a driver's license? If not, then why not? If you say no, are you not discriminating against that equal human being just because of their age? This logic has so many holes it puts swiss cheese to shame, age is something that we need to have limits on. I could go on and bring up easily hundreds of different topic mixed with different ages, and by the logic of the "yes" crowd every single thing should be "Yep!! That's ok in my book."

  • OP does understand what discrimination is.

    Discrimination involves treating someone as lesser for an irrelevant characteristic like color or race... Age is a relevant trait to treat differently over. Age actually means something, unlike skin color or ethnicity.

    Teenagers, as much as they like admiring themselves, lack a fully developed brain. Without restrictions, adults would easily misuse the teenagers intelligence.

    OP and the YES voters say treating someone different because of age (a reasonable and relevant trait to consider when acting on someone) is discrimination, but I bet they'd have no problem with people of age 65+ having to take drivers license tests every year and being told they can't drive.

  • Age Limits Not Discrimination

    In most cases, age limits don't constitute discrimination. They serve a legally sensible purpose. For instance, driving limits prevent toddlers from driving vehicles. They prevent teens from drinking and smoking at a dangerous age. With that in mind, age limits are a smart idea and keep our society safe in many ways.

  • No, they are realistic.

    As one in her 60's I can say that age limits are not usually discriminatory in most cases. There are realistic limits to the things that people can do or should be doing as they get older. Also, once we have had a chance at success we need to open the field for younger people too.

  • Not Discromination But How Mature One Is

    Aging is all about experience. Young people just aren't equipped to handle certain things at a certain age. They need time to mature so when that times come they will be equipped to handle that situation. That is why you need age restrictions on driving, using alcohol, voting, serving in the military.

  • No, they are not.

    Discrimination is defined as treating people differently in an unjust manner. By and large, age restrictions tend not to be unjust, but rather, they tend to be grounded in sound policy and/or science. For instance, age restrictions on alcohol consumption are based on our knowledge of human physiology; denying the right to children is not unjust.

  • Yes And No ...

    This is a tricky question, because it doesn't specify a certain age. If we are discussing age 18, then I suppose the answer is no. However, the EEOC details "Age Discrimination" to be from age 40+. So, age limits can be a form of discrimination. It depends on the age of the individual involved.

    The DOL also has specific age limits on working. Fourteen is the minimum. I think, age 16 is considered an adult. Is it fair? Well ... I'm inclined to say that it is. Child labor is a delicate issue that has a bad history, in the U.S. So, for obvious reasons, the labor law is needed.



  • No, Not Really

    A child is unconscious or oblivious to many realities that an adult faces and should not be measured equally. I would not trust a toddler behind a wheel, for example. Age limits also protect children. If a child is playing with her mother while she cooks, she slips and cracks her head open, it was the child's fault, is it manslaughter? Should he be tried like an adult, too? Skip juvi and go straight to prison?

    As an adult I could say that some age limits are discrimination, such as getting denied by health insurance because you're "too old". Not all, though, such as needing a certain age to retire.

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Quan says2013-08-28T12:46:51.810
It's not necessarily discrimination, though I think America's age restrictions in particular are artificially high.