• Unfortunately they are

    I have spent much of my adult life searching for an honest, committed political figure who will do things because they are right and fair. At the age of nearly 60, sadly I have accepted defeat. Whether it's the system or the immoral people attracted to politics that are at fault, I am unsure. Sufficed to say that the whole system is flawed and delivers little for the average voter.

  • Yes, all of them.

    I believe in the beginning many politicians start out with good intentions, but soon have to face the reality of how politics work. Also in order to get anything done politicians have to do favors for people that have the money and collective power (corporations and powerful unions) to actually accomplish anything. Once they realize making any positive changes is futile they resign themselves to making as much money as possible and ignore or talk over the everyday joe or Jane.

  • So much for "clean elections"!

    First death threat received from one of the possible political robo-calling thug party members, this election.
    The threat was in response to reporting on this particular politician’s constant political robo-call abuse of the elderly. They have no conscience, nor concern about violating FCC regulations robo-abusing the elderly and their homes.

  • Yes they are!

    You can not get to a high power political position without being corrupt. Politicians do not have their own beliefs. Their beliefs are what they believe will win votes with the general public. If they do not follow that strategy they follow the strategy of supporting the viewpoints of those who have given them the most money. Nothing about politics is fair.

  • Without a doubt

    And as long as lobbying stays legal, they will remain corrupt. Politicians don't care about the ordinary citizen. They only care about you if you have a large campaign contribution to donate or some lobbyist cozying up to their personal interests. How else do you explain the decision making process?

  • Yes of course

    The only way they get elected is if they are funded by enough corporations wih enough money to give them an advantage in the media. Once in office they must abide by those corporations interests. Its very sad but its all about the money. Both parties are the same when it comes to corruption.

  • Of course they are

    I agree with others' statements here regarding the mindset of those who seek public office; that they are, in fact, seeking power and the opportunity to exert control. I'm sure the potential to amass wealth is an attractive incentive, as well.

    Also, although there may be a number of persons who initially enter politics in order to change or improve the system, those who manage to succeed necessarily do so with the support of financial backers, which leads to owing favors, which leads to bias, which leads, ultimately, to dishonest representation of the people.

    Either way, politicians simply cannot be trusted to guard the best interests of the people. Those elected to office greater than that of dog-catcher are power-seekers and/or puppets for their corporate masters...Whose interests vary rarely correspond to that of the general population.

    Someone above said to not allow incumbents to remain in office; I agree. Get new, fresh people in every term, and allow no one to become an entrenched ally for corporate interests.

  • Because they get away by excluding themself from insider trading in the stock market since it is controlled by the federal reserves mouth.

    All laws that are made by man apply to the people in that country, but not themself because they think since they wrote them it doesn't apply to them. They are most corrupt and crooked than an "S" curve highway. They are ony for themself, and not you or me.

  • Because they can

    In order to get elected they have to have the support of billionaires and fortune 500 companies. If you're a politician and you can't become a professional fundraiser then you should change occupations. A revolution is coming, not to change who we are, but who we have become. I hope for all our sake that we can navigate through the corruption and selfishness.

  • Absolutely they are.

    No question. Because humans are immoral, reprehensible creatures who are only out to benefit themselves. Have no doubt, be certain, politicians are only interested in their own agendas and pocketbooks, and will stomp on anyone who gets in their way. Horrible, awful, terrible people, and we allow it. It is sad.

  • Not All of Them

    I refuse to believe that all politicians are corrupt. I think that there are politicians out there that are really trying to help the people and stay moral while doing it. The problem is that they are ridiculously outnumbered by corrupt individuals in our state and local governments that they go unnoticed.

  • No, but most are.

    Unfortunately, being successful politically has come to mean being all things to all people, which is extremely unfortunate because one simply cannot live one's life that way without becoming corrupt. Corruption is all around politicians because people are wanting things from them all the time, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get those things

  • No, all politicians are not corrupt.

    Many politicians became public servants because they either believe in a cause or saw the need to affect change. Some are wise enough to know that corruption would be at cross purposes with their goals, and continue to try to do the job they were elected for in an honest manner. People think all politicians are corrupt because the ones who are garner the headlines.

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Anonymous says2013-06-05T14:38:16.993
If they aren't corrupt, could you explain to me why someone would spend muliple millions of dollars to get elected to a job that pays under $200,000.00 per year.