• Yes. But if fed untruth, we may vote awkwardly!

    What we are told by candidates we almost have no choice but to believe. If we are lied to, then our voting decision may be based on a lie told to us. We are not mind readers, and mostly cannot discern what the truth may be, coming out of a persons mouth.

  • Of course they are.

    Most, if not all, Americans over 18 are educated enough to vote. By 18, they have the responsibility and ability to choose and vote for who they feel as the better choice. They also get to have a bigger stand in politics and get to register as a certain party. Every country's people are smart enough to vote, and people who disagree with that are just horribly mistaken by their thoughts and may as well be considered racist.

  • Yes. We educate them in school and at home.

    Ironic, the people who say they aren't educated enough would likely be the first ones willing to commit these same people to fighting a war. The devaluation in our society of intellectuals does create some problems, but the fact remains - we have free education that provides core competencies to the vast majority. Our graduation levels are statistically pretty good. And families are also responsible for civic education. The future is always bright, and we have a tendency to underestimate our children's generation. But, they will amaze us.

  • You should not have rights if you are going to screw the world with them

    Sure no presidential candidate will tell you that, but the funny thing is that no media brings that up. Why? Do you enjoy living in a lie? I think that Americans should wake-up and take more responsibility. Their public opinion is easily controlled by the media, with such a powerful government and media there is no question that the public opinion could be reshaped to wage a war against a country that 99% of Americans never heard about. Personally, I think that Americans don't have any depth of thought because they are controlled by the media and society and they are
    accustomed to not thinking for themselves and just be satisfied by media conclusions no matter how baloney they are.

  • I am not educated enough.

    I don't watch the news, and I don't keep up with politics. I hear some things, I have certain opinions, but I don't have a clue what is going on in my country. I don't vote because of this, yet many adults tell me I should anyway. I think that's ridiculous. I'm not going to vote one way or another unless I know the facts. My vote could affect the future of my country, and if I don't really know what it is that I'm voting for, I don't know why I would want to do that. Of course, I live in Texas, so no matter what I vote, it's going to end up Republican.

  • Cause they aren't

    Why would the government want educated people voting in the first place? Just look at past votes, do you really think Bush won cause people had done research on his policies and governing stile? Of course not, it's because people liked his accent and his smile.
    I'm not saying every American uneducated. Just that when it comes to politics the majority rules, and the majority is well... "Not educated"

  • Most are not!

    But, not allowing everyone to vote is a greater danger.

    The only way to eliminate the wealthy plutocracy that is destroying America, is to let everyone vote to overthrow the ruling class.

    Until America has socialism, America is doomed to be a two class society, where the top 1% have most all the wealth and the rest of us, the real workers, have almost nothing.

  • Too often voters don't study the issues

    I'm not supporting the elimination of voter rights. However, voters have not taken enough responsibility in studying the issues and candidates on their own. Too often it's the bandwagon approach that wins elections. Voters need to sift through the marketing and weigh the pros and cons of their voting decisions. We need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks for us individually and for society or our community as a whole.

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