• Yes, we are.

    Our leaders are unwilling to work together to make changes to the current gun laws. Until they become willing, Americans will continue to be helpless against gun violence. Anyone, at any time, can decide to pull out their gun and start shooting wherever they happen to be. Unless guns are banned for everyone, and all illegal guns are seized, we will continue to be helpless against gun violence.

  • The Second Amendment: A Catalyst for Gun Violence

    As long as the Second Amendment of the US Constitution stays in place, Americans are essentially helpless against gun violence. Without an absolute civilian ban on firearms, there will always be paths for anyone (felon or not) to be able to obtain such weapons and use them to commit aggressive crimes. Although arming everyone may curb gun violence to a degree, it will never fully eradicate it or provide full security for law-abiding citizens.

  • Yes, it would seem so.

    As long as we allow anyone with any sort of deviant history to have a gun that should only be used in the military and because we seem to be captive to the will of the NRA, there are going to be many more guns around than there should be and no way to lessen random gun violence.

  • No, we aren't helpless against gun violence.

    While we hear a lot about gun violence on the news, and the United States is one of the worst countries for gun violence, this doesn't mean that we're helpless against it. One thing that needs to be done is education, even in schools at the grade school level. Also, guns should be locked away so that they can't get into the wrong hands, and we can choose not to let violent imagery (in the form of video games, movies, and television shows) into our homes.

  • Americans are not helpless against gun violence

    Americans are not helpless against gun violence. This is because of the fact that Americans for now have the right to bear arms so that they are protected. If an American was to become victim of gun violence, they have the option to protect themselves with firearms to not be helpless.

  • No,Americans are not helpless against gun violence.

    No,Americans are not helpless against gun violence.Once they figure out they are truly in charge of the problem they will figure out that they need to pressure on their lawmakers to do the right thing and begin to pass laws to make it harder to possess guns in an illegal fashion.

  • Arm Yourselves for Defense

    Americans aren't defenseless against gun violence. There are two options. First, we can all arm ourselves to make criminals think twice about attack us. Second, everyone can have their guns taken away by a change in the law. Stranger things have happened--what if Congress and 3/4 of the states approve an amendment banning firearms in the hands of ordinary citizens? Suddenly, everyone is on equal footing.

  • No, things can be done

    Americans are not helpless against gun violence as long as we start to do something about this issue. We will need to push for stricter measures. The most important thing being thorough background checks on whoever is purchasing guns to make sure they don't fall into the hands of people who aim to do harm or are in an unstable mental state. Finally, it is crucial that potential owners receive proper education regarding gun use and safety.

  • No Of Course Not

    Americans would only be helpless against gun violence if there was no possibility for change. But there is definitely a possibility to make changes and improve conditions. Stricter gun control measures can be made, a greater care for people with psychological conditions, redefining masculinity and showing more love and kindness in our daily lives are all ways in which we can take action.

  • No, we need to make changes

    As long as we have a free and open government we will be able to make changes to make ourselves safer. Originally, a person had to be a man and own property to vote but that has changed. If people care enough to change laws to make people safer, it will happen.

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