• Far too stupid

    My friend in uk just voted to leave eu while looking for a second home in bulgaria! There needs to be qualification to vote, a short test on national politics, math, geography, economics. Easy with computer voting, you only get to vote after playing a game. Or just put scientists in control.

  • I am surrounded by them

    I have known nothing but superstitious, panicky, ignorant little monkeys throughout my life in the U.S.. Intelligence is ridiculed, stupidity is glorified, mediocrity is the highest standard people aspire to reach. A standard that is descending to a frighteningly low level; just look at the "best" people that are running for election to the highest office of the land. Oh, and something like 68% of the population describes itself as devoutly religious. I rest my case.

  • Americans are voting for Donald Trump

    thats the only argument i need
    thats the only argument i need
    thats the only argument i need
    thats the only argument i need
    thats the only argument i need
    thats the only argument i need
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    thats the only argument i need

  • Yes Stupid American Voters Have Ruined This Country

    As our third world cities like Detroit, Newark, Trenton, Compton etc etc are sprawling, it won't be long that America will become another country where lawlessness and violence rule, all because stupid Americans voted for stupid and corrupted politicians to destroy this country. Our broken roads, heavy national debt, lousy public schools, dated airports etc etc are proof of our stupidity. Meanwhile, millions of extremists will enter America posing as migrant or refugees.... Who will overrun this country with the same violence we see in Syria, Iraq, & Libya today... The prognosis is not good for America, based on the demographic trends, and the stupid students that our failing public schools are generating....Yes, majority of us are too stupid for democracy. Yet, stupid people and smart people are granted equally 1 vote, which is why America is doomed.

  • Start up problems that stupid people would get mad about.

    Then set them up for elimination through controlled riots, and militarized police taking over with martial law. When this is completed they can then easily selective choose the undesirable "dumb people" and keep the "smart people" and the ones that can be "re-educated" can go to FEMA camps until they are "smart" enough to re-enter population.

  • I'm surrounded by idiots.

    I go to high-school in small town Iowa, and I hear about is that the government is stupid and we should impeach Obama. Most of these kids voted for him in our high-school poll back in 2008. There about three or four in my graduating class that are at least somewhat intellectual and have political opinions not based on race hate. Here they are all white farmer kids that are content, nay, proud of their ignorance.

  • America: Too stupid to differentiate between Obamacare and the ACA

    Lets get on the same footing, here. They're the same thing. If you couldn't figure that out, deport yourself immediately to the border you are closest to. People are too simple minded to put themselves up to the complex challenges that we face as a country today. Heck, we're so stupid we openly denounce the government's help when people b!#$h and moan about where their taxpayer breast milk went with the recent shutdown. Let's face it, people, Socialism is the new LGBT: so many people hate it due to the misconceptions that surround it. Sure, I'll give you the European debt crisis to you as a tool against American socialism, but where STEM projects are flourishing, and the economy is getting back on track, maybe this socialist stuff isn't so bad after all. I don't know, just a thought. But my point still stands: this country is hilariously stupid, and we are paying the price right now with our Congress and our "Patriots".

  • Yes, we are much too stupid for self-governance.

    Look at our (lack of) culture. See that more people vote for American Idol, than vote for our President. See that our population cares more about popularity than actual experience or agendas (See one Mr Barrack Hussein Obama). See that our population cares more about the baby of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian than American Ambassadors getting tortured and killed, the arming of Islamic Extremists (Syria) (Egypt). Our population isn't stupid, we are dumbed down and easily distracted. Forget truth, we're the TMZ nation.

  • I hate to say it.

    In a society in which people vote for a person because he is black or or a woman, people are far too stupid. I simply say that people should at least be able to show that they know what each candidate stands for in order to vote. That way no one ever wins because they are black again.

  • Yes Americans are too stupid for democracy

    Unfortunately, it does seem like Americans are in fact too stupid for democracy. Our Founding Fathers wanted Americans to play an active role in our democracy, and I think that too many Americans are completely unaware as to how the democracy works and how the elected officials get to office.

  • No Americans are not too stupid for democracy

    No, I do not think that Americans are too stupid for democracy and instead are wanting to take a more active role in the election of elected officials. I think that with the increase in Americans voting in elections like the Presidential election prove that Americans know what democracy is all about.

  • Americans are not too stupid for democracy.

    Americans are definitely not stupid people at all. Actually I believe we as a country are intelligent and level headed. Everyone should be able to stay on top of current situations and vote in the elections. We as Americans should have a say in all things that happen here. We elect officials to speak for us, and have to trust that we make the right decision in electing those officials. Americans are anything but stupid.

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